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ITQAN Network is an online academy provides Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies courses for all ages.

Courses are delivered by the best native Arabic tutors.

We have qualified teachers (males and females) graduated from Al Azhar university with degrees in teaching Arabic and Qur’an, who speak Arabic as a mother tongue.


Our mission is to help Non- Arabic Muslim speakers to be able to read and speak Arabic and the Quran fluently. We want to be able to provide qualified Arab native teachers for them. We also want to help students practice  Arabic language till the students acquire the ability it to read the Quran fluently so that, they can memorize it. Creating a comfortable and suitable environment for the learners to learn the Arabic language properly is at the top of our agenda.

We have courses with comprehensive study material of anyone who is interested in learning the Quran and Language. We offer courses for children, business purposes, Egyptian dialect and Arabic for online conversation. We also offer online courses for academic and classic Arabic. We also offer Islamic classes to those who want to understand Islam.

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Arabic Programs

You must first understand the Qur'anic Language in order to read it correctly, Your path to mastery and proficiency in the Arabic Language is through our Arabic Courses.

Quran Programs

Every Muslim Should learn the Qur'an on a daily basis since it is a highly honorable activity. We'll be able to assist you with our instructors and well structured courses.

Tajweed Programs

We provide an introductory training in Tajweed for all ages in order to recite Qur'an accurately and appropriately since Tajweed is a sience of Mastering the Qur'an.

Islamic Programs

All about Islam will be taught to you. Hadith Sharif, Fiqh, Tafseer, and the serah of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and companions, and much more

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One of the best teachers for Quran I've EVER had, definitely better than I expected. look no further than sheikh Alaa abdel khaliq!

Noam Soliman UK

"Mash Allah he’s a good teacher I am listening to my sons from different room ,as both my children don’t like me sitting with them "

Um Saudis UK

Sh. Sherif Elrefaie, has been an amazing Arabic tutor to my son. Yusuf really enjoys the sessions and understands his tutor.

Yusuf UK

"After experiencing 2 previous Quran teachers, Shaykh Sherief has definitely won me over and I am currently pursuing the Arabic languag

Mahyar US

Great teacher, has helped me a lot in my reading, understanding and writing in Arabic. Very good style of teaching .

Abdullah US

“W Salam Alhamdullilah sister study is going good We are so happy and satisfied from teacher Mai is a hard working and dedicated teache

Osama Jad Germany

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common questions and answers 

ITQAN Network is an Islamic Learning website that provides an Quran Courses, Islamic Studies & Learning Arabic Lanaguage.

Yes! You can pay through all of payment gateways that Paypal supports including all major types of Credit cards. 

After filling out the registration form we will reply to you to determine the level of study and the appropriate time within 24 hours.

Our students represent over 14 countries all over the world. Most live in the USA, UK, and Australia. We accommodate any language and every time zone.

You are recommended to register the following Courses: Arabic Course Quran Course Islamic Course

All you need is a smart device (PC, tablet or phone) that is connected to the internet.

 -Download Zoom software or Skype to your device and sign in with your academy account.

-And then your teacher will contact you at the scheduled appointment of classes.

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