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You must first understand the Qur'anic Language in order to read it correctly, Your path to mastery and proficiency in the Arabic Language is through our Arabic Courses.

Quran Programs

Every Muslim Should learn the Qur'an on a daily basis since it is a highly honorable activity. We'll be able to assist you with our instructors and well structured courses.

Tajweed Programs

We provide an introductory training in Tajweed for all ages in order to recite Qur'an accurately and appropriately since Tajweed is a sience of Mastering the Qur'an.

Islamic Programs

All about Islam will be taught to you. Hadith Sharif, Fiqh, Tafseer, and the serah of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and companions, and much more

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The Leading Arabic, Quran and Islamic Institute Online

ITQAN Academy is an online academy provides Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies courses for all ages.

Courses are delivered by the best native Arabic tutors.

We have qualified teachers (males and females) graduated from Al Azhar university with degrees in teaching Arabic and Qur’an, who speak Arabic as a mother tongue.


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Quran Memorization

Quran Recitation

Tafseer Al Qur'an

Qur'anic Arabic

Qaida Noorani

Noorania Qaida

Arabic For Kids

Arabic for kids

Islamic For kids

Islamic for Kids

Advanced Arabic

Advanced Arabic

Stories of prophet (PBUH)

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Learn Quran with Tajweed Easily

Beautify your recitation of the Holy Quran by learning all the Tajweed Rules From the very beginning to the very advanced levels with deep theoretical details, so that you can read the Quran properly as our Prophetﷺ read it.


Discover how our community supports individuals in their journey to embrace Islam. In this video, witness the heartfelt guidance and support we offer to those seeking to convert to Islam.

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Learn Quran and Arabic Online For Kids

Real conversation ice-breakers, that you can wear to get others on board to Bare Naked Islam, where hopefully they will join in the dialogue. This blog is designed to show you the dark side of Islam that the West does not want you to see. The Islam that Western media refuse to show you.

This blog is designed to show you the dark side of Islam that the West does not want you to see creating a healthy interfaith dialogue through the spirit of sisterhood.
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Our Students Love Us

One of the best teachers for Quran I've EVER had, definitely better than I expected. look no further than sheikh Alaa abdel khaliq!

Noam Soliman UK

"Mash Allah he’s a good teacher I am listening to my sons from different room ,as both my children don’t like me sitting with them "

Um Saudis UK

Sh. Sherif Elrefaie, has been an amazing Arabic tutor to my son. Yusuf really enjoys the sessions and understands his tutor.

Yusuf UK

"After experiencing 2 previous Quran teachers, Shaykh Sherief has definitely won me over and I am currently pursuing the Arabic languag

Mahyar US

Great teacher, has helped me a lot in my reading, understanding and writing in Arabic. Very good style of teaching .

Abdullah US

“W Salam Alhamdullilah sister study is going good We are so happy and satisfied from teacher Mai is a hard working and dedicated teache

Osama Jad Germany


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$ 32 /Month
  • 30 minutes Class
  • 2 Classes per week
  • 4 hrs per month


Ask For Referrel Program to Get Cash Back

$ 45 /Month
  • 30 minutes Class
  • 3 Classes per week
  • 6 hrs per month


Ask For Referrel Program to Get Cash Back

$ 60 /Month
  • 30 minutes Class
  • 4 Classes per week
  • 8 hrs per month


Ask For Referrel Program to Get Cash Back

$ 89 /Month
  • 30 minutes Class
  • 5 Classes per week
  • 10 hrs per month

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Here are responses to some frequently-asked questions


Itqan network is an Institute registered in USA & Egypt. It is a leading Islamic academy providing you with online Qur’anArabic and Islamic studies​ courses. Our Egyptian tutors are qualified and dedicated to helping students of all ages and levels.

There’s no difference between real sessions and digital ones through Itqan Network except that the later allows you to learn at any time and at any place. 

-Technological advancements have led to improved audio/video communication quality on the Internet which has led to major growth in online education.Online education programs are available in nearly every subject and even the world’s leading universities are providing courses online. Studying online is also very convenient and adjusts to everyone’s schedule. Students have the ability to complete their course at their own pace.


All you need is a smart device (PC, tablet or phone) that is connected to the internet.

 -Download Zoom software or Skype to your device and sign in with your academy account.

-And then your teacher will contact you at the scheduled appointment of classes.


As with all personalized learning or coaching, the length of time (duration of study) will vary depending on the time, effort and ability of the student. The objective of our customized course is to learn the goals of our students and give them the time and tools they need to accomplish their goals.

-Depending on the intensity of the studies (how many classes you take), it will take adults 8 to 12 weeks for a Tajweed course. For Memorizing the entire Quran from 6 to 24 months. For Arabic, a course can last anywhere from 10 to 20 months. For Islamic studies, one level will take 4 to 8 weeks. As for children, it depends on their age, aptitude and the support given by parents and teachers.


A: Yes, you can. Once you are enrolled in the course, the Support team will email you to arrange the timing of the sessions with you.


Itqan Network increases student’s interest and motivation to learn Quran with over 100s of fun activities, interactive games and animated stories. Itqan Network further engages students through the reward points, trophies and certificates.

Our students represent over 14 countries all over the world. Most live in the USA, UK, and Australia. We accommodate any language and every time zone.
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