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Our online classes for kids and adults are specially designed to provide you with the exact skills you need to master the Arabic land Quran.

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Course Outcomes

Hadith Course Online


Our Islamic Sharia' is divided into Qur'an and Hadith, so beside learning Qur'an you need to be informed with the sayings, actions and bahvior of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in order to apply them in our daily life. Here in our course we elaborate everything concerning to Hadith through well qualified teachers.

Students will study the texts of hadith with commentary exploring the most prominent scholastic interpretations of the hadiths in terms of their linguistic, theological, spiritual, and juristic implications. It is an opportunity for students to engage with the Islamic tradition in the most normative way possible: a comprehensive survey of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace).

More About This Course

Learn Hadith Course Online

Among the main objectives of this course are:


a) Reveal to the Muslim community about the method of understanding the hadiths of the Prophet saw

b) Familiarize the Muslim community with the books of hadith.

c) To increase the Muslim community’s understanding of the hadiths of the Prophet and then practice them in their daily lives.



We encourage students to have a basic understanding of Islamic personal obligations (fard ‘ayn) before delving further into the specifics, such as the Hadith sciences, however this program will be extremely beneficial for all Muslims who want to have a solid foundation in this essential science.

Our expert Quran teachers will give you step by step instructions that will help you learn to recite Quran beautifully in a very short time.

We generate a report  after every two weeks in which we give a detailed summary of the course. This report  comprises 5 main categories which are:

  • Testing and reflection on the lesson.
  • Common errors to work on.
  • Evaluation of the lesson.
  • The behavior of the student.
  • Plan for the next 4 hours.
  • Evaluation and Certification.

All of our courses have an evaluation system where the teachers take tests every now and then via quizzes, riddles, oral questioning, etc. At the end of each course, the students are given a certificate that is signed by the supervisor and the teacher of that course.

Our Tuition Plans:

  • $32/mo | 4 hours/month
  • $45/mo | 6 hours/month
  • $60/mo | 8 hours/month
  • $89/mo | 10 hours/month

Major Hadith collections, compilers and shuruh

Advanced Uloomul Hadith

  • Bukhari
  • Muslim
  • Tirmidhi
  • Abu Dawud
  • Nasai
  • Ibn Majah
  • Muwattah
  • Sharh Ma’anil athar
  • Muwattah Imam Muhammad
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Course Structures

Our Well-Structured Hadith Course Plan:


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hadith online course is suitable for kids and adults for all ages. No level is required to enroll in this course, only being your good intention with you.


All classes will be taught through English, with the Arabic text covered during class so that students become familiar with the Arabic language used.

Absolutely! The course is tailored to cater to both beginners and those at an intermediate level.
No. All lessons are live and one-on-one with a teacher.
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