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Stories of prophet (PBUH)

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Course Outcomes

Stories of prophet (PBUH)


Knowing the stories of the Previous prophets and nations,helps us to take the preachment and to be aquainted with their lifestyle and how they have dealt with their opponents. To know our superiority as the nation of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and how extermely Allah is merciful with us.

It’s time you know what happened to the great prophets of Allah (SWT). Have you ever wondered about the stories of the previous prophets and their people?

A rare course covering the stories of the Prophets (PBUT). The course will cover the lives of the prophets who were sent down before Muhammad (PBUH) by Allah (SWT) to spread the true message of the oneness of Allah (SWT). How much do you know about the story of Adam (as)? Why was Yusuf (as) thrown into a well? What happened with Musa (as) and the Pharoh? Was ‘Isa (as) crucified? How did Yunus (as) end up in the belly of the whale? This course will answer all of these questions and more. Growing up in the UK  and USA we often hear the stories of our prophets through the narrations of Christianity and other religions. Isn’t it time we know what Islam tells us about our prophets?

In this course full of adventure and spiritual elevation, you will journey through the lives of these amazing Prophets (PBUT) and detailed description of their people.

More About This Course

Learn Stories of prophet (PBUH) Online

In this course, we will consider questions such as the historical accuracy of the Qur’anic stories, the historical settings in which they took place, and how the Qur’anic stories overlap with and diverge from how they are told in Jewish and Christian traditions. We will learn how the other books retell the Prophetic narratives, affirming those traditions in some respects while correcting it in others. We will also be considering how the modern criticism provides additional historical background for understanding the Qur’anic narrative, as well as address the questions they raise about the historicity of these narratives. This course will enable you to understand the Qur’anic narrative of the Prophetic stories, and will explore how the other traditions balance with and correctively retell stories from Qur’anic tradition. The course will also equip you with the understanding of how modern history provides background for understanding the Qur’anic narrative. The course is suitable for those who are interested in stories of the Prophets from the Qur’an and how it equates with science and Historical perspectives.

itqan Network gives great emphasis on learning the Stories of prophet (PBUH) a unique variety of Stories of prophet (PBUH) Classes for Kids and Adults that are specially designed to suit all ages and levels.

We generate a report  after every two weeks in which we give a detailed summary of the course. This report  comprises 5 main categories which are:

  • Testing and reflection on the lesson.
  • Common errors to work on.
  • Evaluation of the lesson.
  • The behavior of the student.
  • Plan for the next 4 hours.
  • Evaluation and Certification.

All of our courses have an evaluation system where the teachers take tests every now and then via quizzes, riddles, oral questioning, etc. At the end of each course, the students are given a certificate that is signed by the supervisor and the teacher of that course.

Our Tuition Plans:

  • $32/mo | 4 hours/month
  • $45/mo | 6 hours/month
  • $60/mo | 8 hours/month
  • $89/mo | 10 hours/month

Course Structures

Our Well-Structured Stories of prophet (PBUH) Plan:

  • Adam as (Adam)آدم
  • Idris as (Enoch) إدر يس
  • Noah as (Nuh) نوح
  • Hud as (Hud) هود
  • Shaleh as (Saleh) صالح
  • Yusuf as (Joseph) يوسف
  • Ayyub as (Job) أيوب
  • Shu’aib as (Jethro) شعيب
  • Musa as (Moses) موسى
  • Harun as (Aaron)هارون
  • Dzulkifli as (Ezekiel) ذو الكفل
  • Dawud as (David) داود
  • Sulaiman as (Soloman) سليمان
  • Ilyas as (Elijah) إلياس
  • Alyas’a as (Elisha) اليسع
  • Yunus as (Jonah) يونس
  • Zakaria as (Zachariah) زكريا
  • Yahya as (John) يحيى
  • Isa as (Jesus) عيسى
  • Muhammad saw محمد

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Knowledge of his miracles and the signs of his prophecy are sure means to increase faith and trust in his honesty (PBUH). The study of his glorious biography and his great attitudes only prove his perfection, loftiness and honesty. 

25 stories including Adam, Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, Muhammad and other more...

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