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What is Juz Amma?

What is Juz Amma?

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The Quran is divided into chapters (surah) and verses (ayat). The Quran is also split into 30 equal portions known as juz’ (plural: ajiza). The divisions of juz’ are not uniformly distributed along chapter lines though.

In this article, we’re covering Juz ‘Amma ( Juz’ 30 ) the Last Para of the Quran. Keep reading to know more about Amma Juz.

Why Is It Called Juz Amma?

This juz’ is often called juz’ amma because it’s a name that reflects the first word of the first verse of this section. The first verse belongs to Surah An-Naba; the first Surah in Juz. 

“About what are they asking one another?”

(Surah An-Naba)

Juz Amma Transliteration of the verse: “‘Amma Yatasa-aloon”

Surah Naba is the Quran’s 78th chapter and is categorized as a Meccan Surah. In English, the Surah’s name means “The Announcement” or “The Tidings.” It is made up of 40 ayat (verses).

Although it occurs towards the conclusion of the Quran, this Juz is generally the first section of the Quran that children and new Muslims learn to read.

This is due to the fact that the chapters are shorter and simpler to read/understand, and the lessons presented in this portion are the most important to a Muslim’s religion.

How Many Surahs in Juz Amma?

Juz Amma There are 37 chapters (Surahs) in Juz Amma. some of them are called “The Shortest of Surahs” or “Qisaar as-Sewwar). 34 of the Surahs of Juz 30 were revealed in the early days of Islam, when the number of Muslims was limited.

The 30th juz of the Quran contains the final 37 surahs (chapters) of the holy book, beginning with the first verse of the 78th chapter (An-Nabaa 78:1) and ending with the end of the Quran, or verse 6 of the 114th chapter (An-Nas 114:1).

While this juz has a significant number of full chapters, the chapters themselves are relatively small, ranging from 3-46 verses in length. The majority of the chapters in this juz’ include fewer than 25 verses.

Juz Amma Surah List

If you ever needed a Quran Juz Amma list to memorize or to know where to begin on Juz Amma Tajweed, for example, you can use this one:

  1. An-Naba: The tidings (40 verses)
  2. An-Naziat: Those who drag forth (46 verses)
  3. Abasa: He Frowned (42 verses)
  4. At-Takwir: The Overthrowing (29 verses)
  5. AL-Infitar: The Cleaving (19 verses)
  6. Al-Mutaffifin: Defrauding (36 verses)
  7. Al-Inshiqaq: The Sundering, Splitting Open (25 verses)
  8. Al-Burooj: The Mansions of the stars (22 verses)
  9. At-Tariq: The morning star (17 verses)
  10. Al-Ala: The Most High (19 verses)
  11. Al-Ghashiya: The Overwhelming (26 verses)
  12. Al-Fajr: The Dawn (30 verses)
  13. Al-Balad: The City (20 verses)
  14. Ash-Shams: The Sun (15 verses)
  15. Al-Lail: The night (21 verses)
  16. Ad-Dhuha: The morning hours (11 verses)
  17. Al-Inshirah: Solace (8 verses)
  18. At-Tin: The Fig (8 verses)
  19. Al-Alaq: The Clot (19 verses)
  20. Al-Qadr: The Power (5 verses)
  21. Al-Bayyina: The Clear proof (8 verses)
  22. Al-Zalzala: The earthquake (8 verses)
  23. Al-Adiyat: The Chargers (11 verses)
  24. Al-Qaria: The Calamity (11 verses)
  25. At-Takathur: Competition (8 verses)
  26. Al-Asr: The declining day (3 verses)
  27. Al-Humaza: The Traducer (9 verses)
  28. Al-Fil: The Elephant (5 verses)
  29. Quraish: Quraish (4 verses)
  30. Al-Maun: Alms Giving (7 verses)
  31. Al-Kauther: Abundance (3 verses)
  32. Al-Kafiroon: The Disbelievers (6 verses)
  33. An-Nasr: The Succour (3 verses)
  34. Al-Masadd: The Flame (5 verses)
  35. Al-Ikhlas: Absoluteness (4 verses)
  36. Al-Falaq: The daybreak (5 verses)
  37. An-Nas: The mankind (6 verses)

Tafseer juz amma

These early Makkan surahs were revealed when Muslims were few in number and in desperate need of confirmation and assistance.

The verses remind Muslims of Allah’s kindness and the promise that good will triumph over evil in the end.

They describe the power of Allah to create the universe and everything in it. The Quran is described as a revelation of spiritual guidance,

and the coming Judgment Day is a time when believers will be rewarded. Believers are advised to be patiently perseverant, remaining strong in what they believe.

These chapters also provide several reminders of Allah’s vengeance on people who reject faith. For example, in the 77th chapter of Surah Al-Mursalat, there is a line that is repeated 10 times: “Oh, woe to the rejectors of Truth!” Hell is sometimes depicted as a realm of torment for people who deny the existence of Allah and seek “proof.”

How to Memorize Juz Amma?

There are lots of ways to memorize Juz Amma. However, the most convenient and easiest way to memorize Juz ‘Amma ( Juz’ 30 ) is taking a memorization class with Itqan Network

The Hifz classes you take are a part of learning the Quran Itqan Network( house of Quran ). 

It provides you with Juz Amma PDF material, audio recordings of authentic recitations, and other high-quality learning material to ensure that you learn and memorize it in the easiest way possible.

This program is ideal for kids and beginners as it approaches the Quran memorization in a different way. It ensures that you memorize any Juz in a systematic way that ensures you don’t forget it later.

However, Itqan NetWork is more than happy to give you some tips on how to memorize Juz ‘Amma ( Juz’ 30 ):

  1. Start from the end of the Juz. These are the shortest Surahs in the entire Quran.
  2. Slowly and attentively read each ayah (verse).
  3. Understand what it means and search for words you don’t know.
  4. Repeat the ayah until you can recall it completely on your own.
  5. Revisit what you previously remembered, and don’t start memorizing another ayah until you’re certain you’ve mastered the prior one.
  6. Make time in your weekly routine to read the Quran and review what you have memorized. This is essential if this is your first time memorizing it.


Juz’ Amma, named after Surah Al-Naba which starts with the word “Amma,” comprises 37 short Surahs primarily themed around the Hereafter and Allah’s sovereignty. It emphasizes the importance of being connected to Allah and the inevitability of judgment. Notable Surahs in Juz’ Amma include Al-‘Alaq and An-Nasr, marking the beginning and end of Prophet Muhammad’s mission.

Juz’ Amma serves as a summary of Quranic objectives, focusing on the Hereafter and meeting Allah. The section is pivotal, reminding Muslims of their obligations and accountability. This Juz’ includes Meccan and Medinan Surahs, each reflecting different aspects of faith and revelation.


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